Saturday, March 21, 2009

Even more T in Church

Sermon Bingo. We've all either played it, or secretly wished we had the guts. For those serious about the game, there's another semi-pro level of play opening up to us:
'Naked Pastor' has been creating theologian T-shirts.

How about challenging a friend? You each wear one to church, and whoever's got the first thologian to get a mention in the sermon wins.

I reckon I'd have pretty good odds with this one!


Craig Gardiner said...

Quids in I think if you are in worship tomorrow Polly

Baptist Bookworm said...

Your challenge, Craig, should you choose to accept it, is to mention not only Bonhoeffer, but Bultmann and Barth as well, thereby scoring a hat-trick.

Polly said...

We'll have to hope for more t-shirts so he can win, yet another, grand slam!

Polly said...

By the way Gardiner - I think that's technically what's called hustling!