Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A first note from a leaving student but a new dad!

I find it a proud and special moment that my first entry to the college blog is to announce the safe arrival of my first born son Reuben James O' Herlihy, who was born on June 1st at 5:24 pm and weighing 8.2 lbs. Mum (Rachel) is good and recovering well and our bundle of joy is changing all the time, starting to look more like his mum which is a good thing. I was told shortly before the birth by a good (female) Friend that the closest a man will ever get to giving birth is writing a book, well I'll stick to sermons and essays because, well let me just say 'respect to the mothers of the world'. I have lost my cable for my camera so photos will have to wait, but let me tell you he is lush.


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